Monday, July 29, 2013

Rainy Day Winner!

Remember our Rainy Day? Well, we have a winner! So from our newest shipment of fabric we're going to cut her some pieces - first ones off the bolt.  Wanna bet she has fun with these?  Lucky Courtney, her fabric is on the way!

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Winner, A Question, An Other Drawing

A winner - a winner is Happy Cottage Quilter!

She has won a charm pack of Collections for a Cause - Mill Book Series 1835.
I'm not a big fan of that era in fabrics, but this group is very appealing to me. Fancy that.  I hope Jocelyn enjoys this little treat. It comes with two pieces of Collection - Historical Blenders - that we just got in. So they went out in the mail today!

Now you may be asking yourself " Why in the world would she leave a trash can sitting right in the middle of the walkway?  And doesn't she ever put up all those bolts sitting around on the floor?"   Well! there's a reason for the trashcan, as a matter of fact there are at least 23 others of the same ilk sitting around the shop last Saturday!  And if you'd like to win a packet of new fabrics, just in the door and the new smell still on them, leave a comment: The million dollar question is :(where is that drumroll when you need it?)  The question is WHY is that trashcan sitting in the middle of the walkway?

A winner will be pulled from the hat on Sunday, June 28th at 12:00 noon Mountain time.  And if you need a hint, pop on over to Granma's Charms where you can even see some of the new fabrics just in.

See you soon!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We have a mystery

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we had three winners?
And I posted this picture of the three prizes I was shipping out to the lucky ladies?
Well, one of them contained a mystery!

When Karen opened her package, folded inside the package was this small brown envelope.
She asked if I sent it by mistake, and I can honestly say I never saw it before in my life!

I don't even know how it got it the folds of the fabric- we cut up one yard cuts when we get to end of bolt, and fold and pin them so they stay neat and tidy.

So we have a mystery - Karen thought she'd send the package on, and a letter of how it came to her - But the question still is - how did it get to me? I'd never even heard of this company before!
(And yes I messed up the photo of the address - protecting the innocent I hope)

OH - leave a comment on this post and you too could win a 'mystery' package!
Tell me - did you ever get somebody's mail by accident?
We'll pick a winner on Sunday the 14th - noon my time!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Three winners and two great new products

We finally arrived at our three winners! All three turned out to be quilter / sewist types, so their prizes are very similar:
Paula@SewyStuff, KT, and Carolyn each received a box containing
a one yard fabric cut, 4 fat quarters, a quilt pattern, 2 speciality buttons, and a friendship star block kit.
Have fun girls, and thank you for entering our first give away!

Secondly, we just got two great products I am really excited about!
This one is Presencia pearl cottons. In 5 gram balls of size 12, and 130+ beautiful colors, I can see big improvements coming in my embroidery skills. I keep going back to open the drawers and make sure they are really there. More exciting than chocolate, don't you think?

The second is Cascade Yarns! Pictured is the 220 Super Wash Wool. It feels just heavenly and I normally don't care for wools.  So I'm excited to make something just for me (NOT a shop sample this time) in that fabulous red!

You can find both the Presencia pearl cotton and the Cascade yarns over at you keep me in stitches, along with lots of other yarns, Presencia floss and threads, and some beautiful fabrics.
Heather is typing as fast as she can to get all the new goodies on site.  There just might be something you're looking for!