Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We have a mystery

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we had three winners?
And I posted this picture of the three prizes I was shipping out to the lucky ladies?
Well, one of them contained a mystery!

When Karen opened her package, folded inside the package was this small brown envelope.
She asked if I sent it by mistake, and I can honestly say I never saw it before in my life!

I don't even know how it got it the folds of the fabric- we cut up one yard cuts when we get to end of bolt, and fold and pin them so they stay neat and tidy.

So we have a mystery - Karen thought she'd send the package on, and a letter of how it came to her - But the question still is - how did it get to me? I'd never even heard of this company before!
(And yes I messed up the photo of the address - protecting the innocent I hope)

OH - leave a comment on this post and you too could win a 'mystery' package!
Tell me - did you ever get somebody's mail by accident?
We'll pick a winner on Sunday the 14th - noon my time!


  1. I didn't get any extra/mystery items in my package! I love (love) my fabrics though. Thinking of a thousand ways to use them!

    I've never gotten any interesting / someone else's mail that I can recall. Although I'd be mighty pleased if someone else got (and paid) my bills! :-)

  2. Hahaha...that's funny. We used to get other people mail all the time when we lived in student housing, but it never seemed interesting.

    I did order a whole bolt of batting from Jo-Anns. For some reason their website keeps remembering our old address instead of our new one and I have to change it every time I go to their site. (I guess it's a good reason to take advantage of the better customer service from independent quilt shops.) Well, I didn't change the address on the batting. Thank goodness we have friends that live in our old house and it's only a couple block away because I got a phone call that there was a large package for us on their doorstep.

  3. I am going to see if I hear from my mystery friend! I am so curious how old it is, the prepaid postage didn't have a date so I have no clue how old it is! A year? Ten years? I may have to write a short story on the super mysterious envelopes adventures and how it found its way home! I am assuming my new mystery friend still lives at the address...

    Oh and I do love all of the other goodies I got...even the mystery gift! now what to make.....

  4. How exciting!!
    We don't often get other peoples mail but I often get phone calls for the undertaker as their number is one digit different to ours!

  5. Once I got mail addressed to me but that wasn't really FOR me. It was a notice of a ticket for going through a toll booth in Illinois and failing to pay the toll. They included a photo of "my" license plate which wasn't even from the state my car was licensed in! And the only times I had been in Illinois, I had flown there. It took many phone calls and emails to straighten it out and they acted like they had done me a big favor for not making me pay the ticket for something I didn't do. Goofy.

  6. Nope, I've never received anybody else's mail. Really strange how that happened.